help with deal please

    there is a deal for a wii bundle on hukd advertising 2 nunchuks and remotes and one wheel .... anyways... i was about to purchase it and the penultimate page that came up said quantity one remote, one nunchuck.....

    please have a look if u can thanks:


    well, in the picture on pc worlds site, it clearly shows 2 nunchucks.
    Why dont you just email them or ring them up to make sure?

    Have had a look at it and it def says

    This fantastic package comes with Wii Sports, additional remote and nunchuk and FREE Mario Kart Game.

    i would buy it and take a screen shot, then if it doesnt have two of each I would complain and demand the extra one.

    Are you going to pick it up in store? Or get it delivered?

    In store its easy to check before buying I suppose but delivery a little more difficult.
    Good luck.

    It certainly doesn't clarify that there are two wimotes and nunchucks does it? I'd call them, or email them and get a reference number for the deal that you want.

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    thanks guys x

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    rang them but stupidly forgot to take a name.... anyways say that it is 2 lots as u get extra bits inside as part of package! thanks for help

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    took a screen shot as well
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