Found 13th Feb 2008
I'm a Canadian/British dual citizen who popped over here after being raised in the Great White North, and I'm finding your banking system very confusing.

I have gone though the (elaborate) hoops to get an account, and was pleased to learn my debit card is capable of online shopping, which is a big bonus.

However, when I go on, they say they don't accept Solo cards, but they do accept Maestro cards. My card has the Solo logo and such, but it also has the Maestro on the back, which is apparently for international transactions.

How exactly does this work? Thanks a lot in advance.

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when i brought from [url][/url] they didnt take solo either, but all i had was a solo card, so I just selected Maestro and it worked.

What bank are you with? Ask if they do webcard payments. I use this system if I order from a site Im not sure about. I use cahoot which is a part of Abbey. I'll post the link so you have an idea.]http//ww…tml

you,ve already got your nswer there!

SOLO is national (UK) card network company; MAESTRO is international card network.
If you have a card with two logos (SOLO and MAESTRO) that means your card number is registered with both networks

Now, apparently DELL doesnt have cooperational agreement (transaction fee etc) with SOLO but has one with MAESTRO. It doesnot matter to you because all you have to do is select maestro (instead of SOLO), enter your (very same) card details and off the transaction goes...

well thats the theory

Aye, most "old" solo cards now only come with the Maestro logo on when renewed as well now too.


The best one to get is one with VISA DELTA on it. Ask your bank for one.
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