help with dell mini inspiron 1018

    really hoping someone can help me.
    3 weeks ago i purchased this dell netbook and all has been great until i don't know if myself or one of the kids has done something but,the keyboard is no not working right.
    most of the keys are not working anymore.for some reason the 'm' key works as enter,the 'h' key as backspace and backspace shows as a letter.nothing else is working and i'm stuck on the log in with password page,which i can't do.
    anybody have any ideas? greatly appreciated x


    Try Control Panel - Change Keyboards or other input methods - change keyboards - English UK

    I have the same laptop and maybe you or someone else have accidentally changed that?

    In the bottom left of the log in screen there is a blue button (Ease of Access). Check the 'Type without the keyboard' to activate the On-Screen Keyboard. This may get you past the log in screen.

    Windows key + u may also work.

    Original Poster

    thank you both for your help but nothing for repair
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