Help with designing a teachers gift/poem...

    I've found a poem I'd like to print out for my son's nursery teachers as he is leaving next week but I'm at a loss to how to do it. Obviously I don't want to just type the poem and print it. I'd like some design to make it stand out.
    Does anybody have any ideas of what I could do, backgrounds etc. I don't have Paint Shop Pro or anything, only & a bit of a novice at using it too.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated & rep is waiting...thanks



    When i was teaching last I made all the children in my class a bookmark with a poem on it when i left.

    Typed out the poem and printed it, backed it on pretty card, ribbon tail to stand out and wrapped it.

    Teachers like me like sentimental things so this sounds lovely.

    Best present I ever saw was one little boy took his photo to a chocolatiers and they engraved it onto a slab of chocolate. admittedly my colleague exclaimed that she'd never be able to eat it, but liked the thought as opposed to 'best teacher' mugs from tescos!

    You could always use MSWord to change the typeface to something other than plain, and add a photo (or piccie) or two.

    When you print it, go in to the printer properties & choose to print 2 pages per sheet - it will then print out on one half of the page so you can then fold the page to make a card with a blank inner (so you or your son can add a personal message).

    If yo want the poem on the inside of the card then 'create' a blank page at the start of the document, and this will push the poem on to the right hand side of the sheet.
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