help with dial a urgent plz!!!

    hi, guys i bought a samsung d600 they told me to ring sum number for security purpose do i have to ring?????????


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    Yes you have to ring

    Ill never buy from them AGAIN i also bought a d600 and they tried to misdeliver it, all the messing about!

    Seriosuly, i dont rate them at all

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    but how i dont have any credit they said they will top up £1 so that i can ring how did u ring

    Yeah they also lie, which bloody annoyed me!
    I had to go and buy credit, there was none. I didnt even want that number, wanted to keep my old one, but you have to top up, and it HAS to be from that number

    Not much help I know but i have just had a terrible time getting the cashback for my phone from dial a phone.

    None of the dates matched for the cash back, no-one would talk to me and they just kept sending the bills back saying it was the wrong one, but none of them matched anything !!!!!

    In the end I camped out in the store telling people not to buy from them, even this didnt really work as the standard response was 'ts not my department'.

    In the end a credit was applied to my account but it was nearly 3 months late and I ont hold much hope for the rest of them.

    I have had a much better time with E2save, mind you there are some that dont agree with me on that either. Whatever.

    Im glad i just stick with pay as you go

    Like the poster

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    thanks guys, i wanted to gift this phone to sumone im on a contract i havent had any probs so far touch wood. ive just started a new one with one stop phone shop for my first time i normally go to microline mobiles very good but they usually only have deals on 3g and i dnt like 3g i prefer orange as my whole family are on orange and ive been with them for about 3 years and i go to say excellent network provider.
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