Help with dial up internet provider for temp internet connection?

Found 31st Jan 2011
Hi All, I've just moved house and I currently have no broadband on my telephone line enabled (just phone line provided by sky and sky talk etc,), I've ordered Fibre Broadband from virgin, but due to demand in my area (something to do with capacity) they said it's going to be a month before I get a install date.

I can live with this but I'm currently having to use a mates broadband to access the internet.

I've just found my old 56k modem sitting here doing nothing and remember it used to cost me 1p per min at off peak times when I was on BT years ago (not sure what sky currently charge), but I get 01 and 02 numbers free anyway.

Does anyone know if theres still services that offer dial up internet in the UK and if so which is the most popular one as I'm more than happy to just use this at home untill my broadband gets installed.

I was looking at getting a mobile broadband dongle but it's going to cost about £20-40 just to buy one and get credit on it, plus I wont use it again once i get my broadband installed so would be a waste of money.

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Dial up is still around its just quite expensive and for the speed of it its just not worth getting. Get a cheap PAYG dongle for less than the hassle of it or just wait the month .
UK2 used to do a free dial up , used it myself many years ago .I used to use the BT one too ....BT Click.................not sure if there both still going , I'll check for you now .

just checked ................... heres the site.....................…up/

Quick Start
Just dial 0845 665 3000 on your computer and you're on!
Calls provided by BT will be charged at up to 4 pence per minute.
Mobile and other providers' costs may vary.

I used to just plug in my modem cable from the pc or laptop into the phone socket on the wall , create a new connection in windows ,
put in the phone number , the user was always UK2 and the password was UK2 . The web page above is still active but I dont know
if the service is .

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Why dont you ask the fs section if anyone has a cheap PAYG dongle and then just top it up with a tenner?

Dial up services do still exist but many have switched to a monthly fee, you can still find the 1p a min companies though.

I personally would much rather have mobile broadband
Get something like a vodafone k3570z dongle with 3gb data worth £15 included for 1 month for a total of £20,use the credit then sell the dongle on when your done,

£10 quidco on it to if you go through vodafone but havent checked what they're charging for it at the minute

just had a look,vodafone is charging £19.99 until tonight,so that'd only be costing you £10 after quidco and you'd still have the dongle to sell on

tesco do the dial up 1p a minute if you really want that

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Ive got a vodaphone and a tmobile dongle, sky sent me the vodaphone one with two months free when I moved last week. You could borrow/buy that?
Just use your mobile phone, I do. Get up to 2Meg then.
Edited by: "lumoruk" 31st Jan 2011 sell mobile dongles for £8 try there
cheers for replies guys, i've managed to borrow a dongle from a mate of mine, just need to credit it with £10 (that should last me a month), I think it's going to be better than dial up as I've been reading on the sky forums that theres a 6p connection charge for most of the payg dial up's.

seeing as I'm just going to be using it for checking email, online banking, paying bills and facebook I wont be staying online for long.

Thanks everyone
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