Help with dry lips !!

    I have a severe case of dry, irritating lips. I have had them for ages but only recently they have really been affecting my life as they dry out so often and I find it difficult to talk to people. I use BLISTEX medicated lip ointment which is great for instant temporary releief because is has an anethetic in it Ive been told, however this wears out after literally 10-15 mins and im back to square one. I have been told not to lick my lips and have tried not to, applying this ointment when thye are dry but i end up just putting lots of ointment on and am back at sqaure one soon after.

    does anyone else suffer from such a problem or am I the only one ? I dont know what to do and would really like some advice off you guys.

    thanks a lot


    have you tried vaseline?

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    I've tried this one :-

    Is there any one in particular ?

    p.s: I drink plenty of fluids !

    Vaseline is all the same I think.

    Not really sure what to suggest, Normally drinking plenty of water is ok.

    Vaseline is an obvious choice

    Check this link


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    yup tried vaseline and drink lots of water. just isnt helping and im really out of ideas myself too.

    Swap saliva with someone more often?

    Use "original Lypsyl" the small blue one out of major shops, i used to get your problem alot altho now im never without my tube of Lypsyl.

    Apparently what causes your lips to get like that is because you start licking them unaware and your salyva is meant to be for breaking down food,
    so if its on your lips its going to eat away at the skin.

    Thats what iv learnt and iv totally stopped licking my lips.

    Every year I buy a 12 pack of Carmex off ebay for summer works out to be about £14 but vs. £3 in boots for one small jar of it, bargain.

    Great stuff as it slowly makes top layer of skin peel off always giving you great soft new lips... I should get commission.

    I give a few out to friends/family


    Tube of Lube maybe;-)

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    thanks guys. I'll give these a try.

    Is this the original Lypsl you mean ?

    sure is mate, im never without it....

    all the other ones arent up to anything against this baby! lol

    just try to stop licking those lips tho mate


    Swap saliva with someone more often?

    would u wanna snog someone with rammy lips! I recommend olive oil!

    If vaseline doesnt work then I would suggest nivea lip care - is great for my lips!

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    thanks guys.

    i will indeed try to stop licking my lips ! Have not licked them since my last post and thats a record for me lol


    I've tried this one :-Is there any one in particular ?p.s: I drink plenty … I've tried this one :-Is there any one in particular ?p.s: I drink plenty of fluids !

    Try the green one in that, it's got aloe vera in it, I am never without mine

    Hehe...I read the OP the wrong way...:roll:

    Dirty minds....:whistling: :giggle:

    i find that when i am stressed or concentrating on something really hard, i inadvertantly lick my lips. Some foodstuffs may be making the problem worse. I agree with Starlet though - the aloe vera vaseline is very soothing as well as moisturising

    I totally agree with above thread I am just getting over 4 different cold sores and all the expensive treatments I have tried do not work I swear by the Vaseline Aloe Vera it really moistures the lips and helps not to crack them although I do apply often in summer as my lips dry terribly, Hope this helps.

    I am also never without my Blue Lypsyl...
    Im technically addicted to it...:-(

    I dont recommend the regular vaseline as I always found it left my lips dryer afterwards, but the aloe (green) one was great...

    I find that my lips are dry when I havent drunk enough water...
    So make sure your topped up and you should be ok...

    Also last thing lips can get sunburnt and cause dry, sore lips...
    So maybe a lypsyl with a spf in?...
    "No.1 Lypsyl Addict"
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