Found 23rd Aug 2007
Ah, yet again my dad has gone buying things without really knowing his stuff, realising it doesn't do what he thought then asking me to fix it...even though I know BUGGAR ALL about computers :x :giggle:

Simple question for now, he's bought this dvd burner from ebuyer...assuming (as I would also) that as well as being able to burn DVDs it will let you WATCH them. However out of 10 dvds tried, none will play (all offering different error messages) is this thing meant to be able to play dvds as well? or has he outright ordered the wrong thing?…172



is he burning home videos onto the DVD and then trying to play it on a dvd player right?

Yeah you need dvd playing software such as PowerDVD. Give that a try and see if it works. The DVD burner will definalty be able to play DVD's.

Like Tatey says, you need a software dvd player:

VLC player
Divx player

or even plain old Windows media player

All of the above should play a movie on a PC, obviously the Windows Media player should already be on the machine (if it's running MS windows) - you may need to go to the Microsoft site and download some updates, depending on which version of the player is installed, and when it was last updated.
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