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Hi all, Need help please!

I bought a new car a year ago & put my private number plate straight onto the vehicle. This car is now going back to the garage but need to take private plate off the car. I know how to do this but the car I bought new did not have a previous number plate. How do I go about creating a new registration plate for the car going back to the garage?

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I think you will need to pay a £120 holding fee if you wish to retain the private plate. The DVLA will issue an original ageing plate to the car without.

Just pop into local dvla office, pay them £120ish and they will send you another registration number within 7 days and a certificate retaining your reg for up to 12 months. When you get a new car pop into the office with the paperwork for the new car and the retention certificate and they will swap it over for you

As a car salesman I deal with these several times a month. To be honest, the salesman who is dealing with your car should have given you a Form V317 (Application to transfer cherish number), so go in and see him/her. Basically, you can hand to the salesperson (a) V5 Registration Document for the current car (do not detach any of the perforated slips) and sign on page 2 (Keeper Signature), (b) Needs a cheque, payable to DVLA, for the transfer fee of £80 and (c) will need a valid and up to date insurance certificate/cover note (must not be a fax or photocopy) for the NEW car showing the cherish number that is being transferred. Dont know about your local DVLA, but in Worcester they operate a '10 working day rule' from when paperwork is taken to them before they authorise and complete the transfer. It can be a bit of a pain waiting that long. By the way, it is during this process (at DVLA) that they will send back with the paperwork an appropriate registration for the car you are part exchanging. You dont need to worry about making up the plates etc, as the garage will do so when they take it into stock. But liaise with your salesperson, they should be taking care of this paperwork for you. I know that I do for all my customers! Hope this helps.
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