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    Does anyone know if its possible to contact ebay and communicate with a human ?

    I have just won a dispute and received my refund from paypal for an item i bought in November. The seller would not reply to my e mails or paypals so i won the dispute, I left him bad feedback and as if by magic he has remembered how to use his computer and has now put a dispute against me saying i never paid him Aghhh I cant seem to find anything on ebay to contact them

    Any help would be great

    Thanks Fiona


    Watchdog did a piece on this sort of thing a few weeks back. Have a look at the ]BBC Watchdog site, maybe they can help.…g=5

    Hope that helps!

    If you paid this seller, there will still be a record of the transaction on your paypal account, to prove that fact. You can reply to this sellers comment stating this fact, and saying that you are now contacting Ebay to complain about his libelous behaviour

    Good luck!!!

    Original Poster

    Hi thyanks a lot i will try that :thumbsup:

    I had the same thing happen with a paypal case i won. Ebay said there was nothing they could do as they have to remain impartial, although you can leave a response under the negative feedback you have been given, although please don't put anything about paypal in it as i did & ebay removed my comment saying that you can't say what paypal have done!! Ebay can be such a joke sometimes!! The only way you can get the feedback removed is by taking legal action which hardly seems worth it...

    I would not worry it's up to him to raise a dispute which will get him no where as Paypal has already found in your favour.
    Getting a negative feedback removed is another story at best try and get a mutually withdrawn feedback you can do this through the disputes procedure.

    Can't see what the fuss is? You DIDN'T pay him as you received a refund. Therefore he's technically correct in opening a dispute for his fees. That's how ebay works. As for a non payment strike, wouldn't worry about it unless you're in the habit of collecting them..... Ebay, not the end of the world and certainly nothing to get stressed over :thumbsup:
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