Help with Ebac dehumidifer

    Can anyone help? I have a dehumidifer about 2 years old and for some reason it doesn't seem to be working. It has been on since Thursday am but the water container is still bone dry and normally it needs to be emptied every 2 days at this time of year (with all the wet washing that is hanging around)


    TBH, it could be any number of issues. Compressor, gas, fan or wiring/control.

    Is it making any sort of noise, is there any heat coming from it at all?

    If you leave it switched off for a few hours and then turn it on does it make a buzz-click sort of noise?

    Seriously tho you should have it looked at by a refrigeration engineer.

    You may be able to find a local one-man band who will look at it on a no charge quote basis but any "large" company will charge you about £50 to look at it.

    A couple of words of advise tho, if it is the compressor; it'll be cheaper to replace the whole thing plus you'll get a new warranty.

    If it has lost it's gas, it may last 6 days, 6 months or a couple of years (because there is only a reletivley small amount of gas in them, even a small leak can affect the system quickly) unless they CAN locate the leak and repair it.....




    Are you even sure it is on? Maybe the fuse in the plug has blown.

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    Are you even sure it is on? Maybe the fuse in the plug has blown.

    ITS ON the fan is going and cold air is blowing from the front grills.
    I cleaned the fillter compartment and put in a new fillter along with cleaning the drain tube


    Maybe its just not that humid in your house. Are the windows getting steamed up on the inside and any mildew forming around window panes / cills? Remember it has been a very mild winter so you may have had a window open occasionally which helps a lot.

    we have an ebac dehumidifier and its full every couple of days too so i would say its definately not working. Call ebac themselves.:)

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    phoned ebac today unit still under warranty so they are collecting it and repairing it FOC :thumbsup: Still under 2 year guarantee
    thanks to all who answered

    great, glad they helped you.:thumbsup:
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