Help with Ebay Buyer, I think they've damaged my item and blaming me!!!

    I have sold a few items recently on Ebay. One was a designer jumper. I posted item on 12th November and I got a message yesterday from the buyer stating the item was damaged which I was really surprised at, as it was brand new with tags. I got it in TKMaxx for £30 which was a bargain.

    The buyer has sent a picture of the damage and OMG there is like a big massive fault down the underarm at the seam and partly going over the front join between the body and arm. It looks like the fabric has been picked to create a ladder like effect. Possibly with a fabric picker thing. I looked at my pictures and you can see there is no fault on it and it definately was not like that when it was sent. I know ebay will favour with buyer anyway. I am well annoyed!!! What should I do? I am going to email buyer politely stating no way was it like that but I know they will claim through paypal who always favour with buyer. Anyone got any experience of something like this happening?


    You've got their address.. send the boys round and ask what the problem is.

    but if you have pics proving there was no fault surely that will favour you regardless of what normally happens on ebay?

    This sort of thing seems to be appearing on here a lot lately, really starting to think twice about selling anything on eBay, too many people trying it on now and eBay usually always sides with the buyer

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    They are not close up pics though and it is a front on pic. but you can see no damage. I have experience of this happening as a buyer. Got a few items that were damaged, blatantly and seller refused saying it wasn't, the pictures they had cleverly hid the damage but Ebay found in my favour without even submitting pictures. This is what makes me think they will not even bother to investigate. I just can't understand why someone would do this.

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    This is the front on picture.!B5G7GGgCWk~$(KGrHqIOKiIEyW,bUS4ZBMscNzhUbw~~0_3.JPG


    This is the front on picture.

    You can see there's no rip there so..

    looks good to me i cant see any rip/tear pic is clear enough

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    Trying to upload the damage pic.

    Can you put up a picture of the rip the buyer took?

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    I have stuck it on ebay listing to get it to come up:


    Don't think that's gonny work. How can I upload the pic, it's a jpeg I think.
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    upload there photo

    Original Poster!B93lw)!BWk~$(KGrHqV,!iMEzN4+CiC5BM7BU2IvvQ~~0_3.JPG

    Original Poster$%28KGrHqIOKiIEyW,bUS4ZBMscNzhUbw~~0_3.JPG

    The other pic is up close but I think that it's a fair view to see there is no damage. What do you think?
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    It looks like the buyer has tried the item on and ripped it when trying it on.
    This happened to a friend of mine, they sold a dress, it was torn when they received it back at the seams- they'd been too large for the dress. They refused a refund and the buyer negged them. I don't think they took it through paypal.

    I had a buyer who bought a brand new set of children's clothes- top and trousers, been bought as a gift, she said the top was "bleached" it was like sun damaged, I received it back, same style top etc but a different top. This one had the price on it, mine didn't as it was a gift! I told her that it wasn't what I sent out, and the ebay pictures proved this, and she negged me saying I was ripping her off!
    Some buyers are very nasty on there, and ebay are doing nothing to protect the sellers. Something needs to be done about them, maybe a huge number of complaints to watchdog or something (who could regulate them?)

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    Well, I emailed stating there was no way I could have missed something so obvious, I actually blacked out the bar code with a marker so it couldn't be returned so I was actually looking in that area.

    I just thought maybe they had changed their mind and were trying to pick the smallest of faults so I was so surprised when I got that picture. I will go mental if paypal refund her. I have transferred all my money out of my paypal account and I would consider closing it down if they found in her favour and I ended up out of pocked with a jumper that is only fit for the bin.

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    If paypal get her to return it to me, I also thought about just not accepting the package but not sure how this works. Would they still refund her and then what would happen to package?

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    I have also thought about if damage was there originally but I have thought of everything and no way was it there. I bought it as a gift for a family member but it didn't fit, they would have noticed the damage, also my bf tried it on but decided he had enough clothes. I took pictures of it, measured it, packaged it and always check items before sending. I would have noticed. I am gutted that I am gonny get stung on this one. Certainly makes you think twice about selling on Ebay.

    I bought it like a year ago, so can hardly do that. Don't think I have the receipt either.

    hi , isnt it a different jumper. When i look on your photo at how far down the arm the first white stripe is, it looks further down the arm, but on their picture it looks alot closer to the arm join.


    hi , isnt it a different jumper. When i look on your photo at how far … hi , isnt it a different jumper. When i look on your photo at how far down the arm the first white stripe is, it looks further down the arm, but on their picture it looks alot closer to the arm join.

    OP you should ask for a lot more pictures of the top, ask them to lay it out as yours is etc and then match it up with your pic. Double check it's the one you sent!!

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    Will do, thanks, wish me luck, thanks

    If it was sent recorded delivery, why not claim damaged in post through Royal Mail?


    A paradox:-

    TKMAXX and a designer jumper..........
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