Help with EBay Order/PayPal Dispute.

Posted 15th Dec 2020
In early November, I utilised the eBay codes the eBay codes and pre ordered COD Cold War as well as cyberpunk. When Cold War came out later, it didn’t arrived so I contacted the seller (boss deals) to try and ask why it hadn’t arrived and it was saying to be delivered on the day cyberpunk came out which was annoying.

So I messaged them and there support wasn’t the best (and still isn’t) saying where is my game about a few days after release. They said it was coming but I had nothing from Royal Mail after to waiting a few more days, I got fed up and opened a case with PayPal to ask for a refund. Annoyingly as soon as I clicked to do it, it bloody came in the post. So I immediately cancelled the case.

Because of the bad service, I wanted to cancel my pre order for cyberpunk 2077 as I wanted it day one (I still haven’t received it) I asked support on how to do it but decided to leave it. Well cyberpunk is released and no sign of the game. Support is being useless and saying I have cancelled and realised a PayPal dispute but only on COD and they won’t sent me a copy despite paying for it and not receiving a refund.

So now I’m over £40 down and still not received my game. I can’t open a second PayPal dispute. Where do I stand? I understand I haven’t handled it the best but it’s starting to get frustrating!
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