help with ebay selling please

    Someone has matched my best offer price of £52 on an item, and for the first time it has gone through straight away and there's 50.03 been received. Now I've hit a slight issue with the product. If I cancel the sale, will the amount be refunded automatically? Also does the buyer get the full £52 back as £2 has been taken. Or does it give him the 50.03 + £1.97 from my account meaning i lose out and have to cough up the £2 paypal fees took?
    All help appreciated. Never had to cancel a sale before so unsure how it works thanks.


    No you won't be out of pocket PayPal fees get refunded to buyer too.

    The buyer gets his full payment back. A seller loses 20p transaction fee which Paypal keep. If you cancel on Ebay you need to make sure it isn't for the out of stock option or you get a defect. But you need to cancel on Ebay and refund via there to ensure you get your Ebay final value fees back too.

    If you have 'an issue' with the item, it might be worth checking with the buyer first to see if it's something they have an issue with, it could be they still want to purchase anyhow.
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