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I have been sent a voucher by Ebay for £25 off £75 spend - but it expires tomorrow. Question is - it is not clear whether postage counts towards the £75 or not - I have read the terms and conditions but it is not clear to me. I have asked Ebay but their answer just makes it more confusing than before - they are useless.
Does anyone know the answer?


what did they say? Maybe people on here will be able to work it out :thumbsup:

when i have had them it said on them includes postage.


whenever i have had a voucher it has never included postage cost, sorry cant be of more help

i am not certain, but i would doubt it, as most online shops that you get vouchers for like £5 off £30 - the 30 is not including postage

My £25 one did include postage if its the same ebay stars one.

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It was a Happy Easter voucher with a 'chick' and some eggs and stars on. The answer from Ebay was just a mass of useless information including the fact that some include postage and some don't.


Just tried to use mine off a minimum £50 spend. The item was £47.99 and postgae £9.99. The voucher was not allowed as the item had to be over £50.
I am assuming that it will be the same for your 375 minimum spend...sorry.

It is really confusing though.

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Thanks for all the answers - consensus seems to be that generally postage is not part of min spend.

I had a eBay stars one and it include the postage.
It was for £10 and the item i brought was 4.99 with 5.00 postage.

If your keen to get rid you could make a second acount, sell a sock for £75 'buy it now' and buy using the voucher on your first account, after fees you should be in profit. double check the math though cos its just an idle thought i had and ive not checked it out.

mine was a stars and included postage
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