Posted 17th Dec 2022
Does anybody know how to make another email with the same phone number as another email, made a mistake with one letter so I cannot see the email which I sent
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    Your best option would be to email them at

    Explain the mistake you’ve made and ask them to change the email on your account
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    Can you explain what your problem is in more detail? Is this signing up for something?
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    Try outbox or sent file in email folders.
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    It is not at all clear what you mean. What has phone number got to do with email unless it is to get OTP to validate email or something.
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    I tried to open another account with craft gin club using a email I had with a one letter missing which was next to my own email using the same phone number and bank details went thou got the gin yesterday, but cannot get the account to see it
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    Now that you have got the gin, does it matter? Just cancel the email with letter missing and start a fresh if I have understood you correctly.
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    Is it that you created another account as a new customer to get a special offer maybe and now you want to cancel the account? Sorry I'm just guessing here, that the email you don't have is used as your username perhaps, anyway is it possible to go to the account log in and select forgotten/don't have access to email any longer, or change email to log in etc.
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