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I don’t know where to start....
My partner died suddenly a few months ago and to say he was a ‘shopper’ would be an understatement. I now have stuff to get rid of (sell) where possible, but haven’t got a clue what half of it does. I have lots of Canon cameras and lenses but when I asked for a quote from a well known camera purchasing shop they offered really low prices, soul destroying really, do I sell to them and move on?

The TV’s and audio and PC’s in the house are ‘networked’ and ironically everything tech is failing as I can’t maintain it as I don’t have a clue.

I have PC’s, power banks (about 6), keyboards, wireless keyboards a plenty, cables, loads of different cables (he fixed PC’s), loads of hardware. I have drones, I have wowee robots. Brand new earphones, earbuds (about 20 sets), Bluetooth speakers, I never knew someone could buy and store so much all of which need to go.

As you can imagine I am a sitting duck for scammers, so any advice at all as to how I should proceed would be really appreciated. Genuinely not a sob story I need the money to pay the bills, but am not prepared to just give stuff away either.
Many thanks
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Sorry for your loss. A good way to start would be to try to find the model numbers of items and search eBay for completed sales.

as far the pc parts unless there from newish machines then they probably won’t be worth much as stuff gets out dated so quickly.

you could try taking items to a beach of CEX if you want rid quick with no hassle
Sorry to hear about the bereavement.

You’re already doing the right thing without jumping into common traps of being ripped off. To get the best value, you need to decide if you want to maximise the recouped money or keep it simple.

eBay will probably net the most but cause the most hassle.
Cex would be easy and quibble free but not best value.
Gumtree similar to eBay but easier to package as bulk but still a lot of hassle.

eBay is the easiest to get values from. Search for each item and look at SOLD items, not what people are trying to sell for.

Camera wise, try contacting local camera clubs. They may have a member that’s interested in kit. Though don’t just take their word in value or let them fob you off with old model, I see a spec of dust etc.

Where in the UK are you, that may help?
What Camera model is it etc.
I’d second eBay, just do your best to describe the items and upload loads of photos. I find that items find their right price on there. Do a seven day listing and investigate postage costs before you list it. Pace yourself and list a few items every couple of days rather than spending all day listing everything.
The longer you leave the items their value will depreciate, it must be a horrible decision for you and my thoughts are with you.
You're likely to get the most money if you do the research on what they are and sell it yourself. It'd be quickest to get a family member or friend around who has an interest in those areas and can separate the commonplace from the stuff that might be worth a bit more, but you could ask here or elsewhere online about the brand/model (or provide photos).

It's difficult to tell without knowing the exact products, but a lot of the stuff you're describing may not be worth a great deal. If he's got 20 pairs of earbuds then they're probably mostly cheap generic ones than the top end models someone would be interested in paying £50+ each for second hand.

If it is good stuff then classified sections of specialist forums is a good alternative to ebay.
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Thank you all so much, your suggestions are helpful if not a bit overwhelming.
With regards to products like earbuds, Bluetooth speakers etc, he was a product tester also so most of this stuff is new, boxed, but as you say 2 a penny I suppose, but a couple of pairs of Sennheiser earphones?

With regards to camera’s a couple of Canon EOS (80D & 60D) a manfrotto tripod, high end backpacks for cameras, lenses to include stuff like…G4W to name one of them, they are all Canon lenses and lots of ‘filters’??

CEX is probably a good idea for the hardware as there is so much of it I would be listing forever. I have just uncovered approximately 150 unused CDR’s do people even use those anymore or should I bin them?
A couple of air rifles, not sure you can advertise those?
as for the garage power tools in duplicate/triplicate, a massive lathe and on it goes. Any suggestions for specialist forums would be appreciated.
thank you so much for taking the time to reply
The canon 80d is worth about £550 the 60d about £300 for just the body if its got the original box.
Lenses can be worth a lot of money if they have been looked after.

As a rule someone will buy anything if its the right price. It maybe worth you doing a car boot sale with all the small low value items.

Tools always sell well. The lathe will be worth a decent about but the hard part will be moving it.

If there's anything you don't know what it is post a picture on here am sure someone can help.
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We used to have a buy/sell section here, and it worked great, with little to no hassle but then HUKD sold out and now the selling section has gone to something called lokal? (cant even remember its been so long). I wouldve been interested to see exactly what you have tbh

sorry for your loss, and i hope you get good prices for what you're selling with the least amount of hassle
The cameras are complete with boxes and everything that came with them, they are in excellent condition. The 60D I was offered £230 for and that was with an EF-S 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens!! The 80D body only I was offered £480. His lenses have been cared for over and above, he rarely used his cameras just coveted them!
There is a 450D which I am happy to keep hold off as I don’t suppose it is worth much and I can point and shoot, but that too has a lens attached which I haven’t even looked at.
Thank you for your help, I really do appreciate it
If you need some cash quick advertise the two cameras on gumtree and facebook both should get a quick sale if you price them right.
Thank you all for your responses my immediate family are too emotionally involved so are struggling to be much help and have their own lives to live, whilst reeling from the sudden loss I also have to be realistic and am aware that stuff devalues quickly. I have a 12 year old to support and bills and a mortgage to pay (just trying to justify why I am selling his stuff I suppose). Thank you again
Wadda what price do you suggest for the 60D as it comes with the lens? Just for guidance please
What size lens is it? There will be one or two numbers on it in mm.
EF-S 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 IS
Looking at sold ones on ebay I would ask £300. They Range from £200-350. Depending on condition and accessories. So I guess the offer you had of £230 is not that bad really.
Thanks I will give it a go
Also be wary with the pc's that you securely wipe them, you don't want the hassle of identity /financial fraud at a time like this.
Thanks I will bear that in mind
Post some pictures, especially if you have numbers on them of the hardware ( Battery's, earplugs etc ) . With Regards to the computers, If you decide to Start them up. You could run dxdiag Either in the ' Type here to search box ' or run box if Windows 10 isn't installed. The Information your want is: Example: Processor: Intel(R)Core i5, Memory: 8192MB RAM Click Display Tab Chip Type: Nvidia GTX 970. Although I wouldn't be surprised if hes running linux. Without doing this, its a little harder by pictures alone. The Camera equipment, You can search Ebay for recently sold items to find a price, depending on the turn around you want to sell the items may effect the price you can get. Consider making a Imgur photo albumn, could PM people if your not comfortable posting. Where abouts are you, might be someone near from this site that's got long term HotUkDeals history can help.
If you sell the computers, Dont include the Hard drives and or any backup drives, USB stick + the CDr's. You may think there empty, but he may have family photos or something on them.
Oh my! He has loads of HDD’s that he has removed all stacked up and SDD’s?
perhaps I will ask someone technical from work to have a look, he didn’t buy ‘value’ PC’s. . .
Couple of things to add.

Make an enquiry with the Police regarding the air rifles. You don’t want to fall foul of any legislation.

If you do list anything to sell locally. Do a little at a time and don’t invite people in, arrange to meet publicly if possible.

Always do it safely, don’t advertise you have a mountain of tech to scope out and steal. Check cash handed over thoroughly and do not take PayPal offers from random requests. Too many scammers.
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^Great advice, alsoto add to this, try to have someone else with you (a friend maybe) when you meet up with anyone
Thanks guys, duly note
The 60D with 18-55, Cex buy at £200 and sell at £345 Grade A. £185 / £320 Grade B - love them or loathe them, they do set a range, as you need to be somewhere in between the price you'd get from them and the price they'd sell at.

The facebook buy/sell groups may also be worth checking out, often ok for "what's this worth".

Depending on the items and condition, and how many, the other question is whether to offer them individually or in bundles, as the fb groups tend to have both people interested in single items and traders who would go for bundles if they could see a profit in it
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