help with external hdd...again!!!

    So I installed a 750gb (32mb cache) sata II drive into a sumvision titan gx media centre enclosure (supports up to 750gb), it works on one pc, well after fiddling around but does not work on another (dell dimension e520), it just won't recognise the drive.

    Is this because there is not enough power? (even though it has external power) or something else? can anyone help? is there a solution?

    Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this..


    check the USB port, but I dont see why it should'nt work on another PC. Try different USB ports. Power should not be an issue as its externally powered.

    Maybe check under disk management. Right click my computer, Manage, then Disk Management, see if it appears there, Has it been formatted?

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    I formatted it, even managed to move some files onto it. With one pc it only works when i connect to usb ports in the back and on another its not recognised no matter what i do...i was thinking power issue because 750gb is max it can handle...i really don't know what to do

    Is the drive enclosure mains or USB powered? If it's mains powered then I'm not sure power is the issue. Is th drive NTSF formatted or FAT32 ? I wonder if it's maybe a drive letter problem, if you go into disk management and reassign the drive letter as it may be conflicting with drives already installed on that particular computer.

    To assign a disk letter from the Disk Management console (Control Panel/Admin Tools/Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management) Right click the drive in the list at the bottom and select "change drive letter and paths" and then "change" and select the letter from the dropdown.

    Good luck!

    all suggestions offered in a spirit of helpfulness but please do your own research before using any of them. No liability accepted

    external housings often expect the master/slave/cable detect jumper on the drive to be set to Master. Your PC wont accept that if you already have a master although you should receive a disk error msg at boot. you may need to check the manufacturers web site before changing it althouh most follow a std format nowadays

    if your PC does not mount the drive at all, have you checked the BIOS to ensure the SATA/IDE port you plugged it into is enabled ?

    if your PC mounts a disk but Windows Explorer doesn't see it as a volume, try going to control panel, admin tools, computer management, disk management and check what it says. It may need formatting or partitioning. Right click, properties tells you a bit of what Windows thinks of the disk. BEWARE - you are now close to the heart of your PC and unresearched experiements often end in grief

    backup any data before fiddling around

    good luck

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    Thanks for all the help guys, in the end i downloaded a usb update from microsofts website and it started working..
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