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    Ive just got a new laptop and it wont let me on facebook poker or any or my other applications. its not even asking me to download any software to help it work, its just saying the page cannot be displayed. i know someones going to go on about how S**t facebook poker is but its something to do when your bord!!!



    Can you not view any website on it? If not, then you probably haven't got Internet access set up correctly.

    If you can go to any site other than Facebook. It could be a virus/spyware preventing you from accessing that specific website. Which if this is the case, download and run 'Spybot'. Just do a google search for it.

    make sure u have up to date IE. older viersions dont work with Facebook.
    alternatively get fire fox.


    ...would be that your firewall is preventing the various programs connecting to the internet. Look in your firewall exceptions and see if the programs are listed. If not, list them, or maybe check the box "Display a notification when Windows firewall blocks a program". That will tell you what is happening when it happens and you get a chance to unblock the affected program.
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