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Posted 21st Jun
My daughter has fibre to the home with Bt as she’s renting a new build and she’s up for renewal

does anyone know any other companies that do it please?
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BT is still the only big player to offer it.

Sky is coming very soon. You may be able to get it by phoning see…tml especially the comments.

TalkTalk is trialling.

Chances are if they are at the point of renewal the prices are much lower now than even a year ago. We signed up for the 150 plan at £45/m with the standard price being £59/m.

The standard price is now £39m - though you no longer get some of the benefits you were forced into getting back then so they'd be £5/m on top if you use them.

There are other providers but they are much more expensive, so unless you are unhappy wiht BT's service your choice is BT or BT.
You need to look at which cabinet the property will connect to and what services are on offer from it. BT only put fibre AUTOMATICALLY into 12+ new builds.

samknows is an excellent source of such info.
Hyperoptic and Community Fibre do it.
I have a new build and I can only get the fth from bt no one else does it. All the other companies would have to pay bt to change it to them and they won’t pay them
Surely thud is wrong I feel like asking Martin Lewis! Surely you should have the opportunity of compe
Surely it’s wrong there should be some competition against BT
It is wrong, and a good three or four years out of date. Nowadays there are at least a dozen companies offering Openreach FTTP-based services.

Off the top of my head some of the more popular ones are Aquiss, Zen, Spectrum Internet, Freeola, IDNet, A&A and Cerberus
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Hepybaby21/06/2020 20:38

Surely it’s wrong there should be some competition against BT

You're not limited to FTTP are you?
Yes unf
Hepybaby21/06/2020 21:01

Yes unf

It could be much worse. I'd love to be able to get an 80/20 connection for £34 a month around here. Last time I looked I think my choice was 50/50 for £50 a month, 30/2.5 for £35 a month or various sub-superfast options.
Hepybaby21/06/2020 20:38

Surely it’s wrong there should be some competition against BT

Fibre networks take time, management with suppliers and money to build.

BT (or BT Openreach if you will) do that.

No other provider (big players) will do it as potentially they dont have the resources or infrastructure in place to do it.

Also, there is a cost implication.

There are smaller companies like Cityfibre, or HyperOptic that serve certain areas, but they are very few and far in between.

So the market is open for other providers to provide FTTH broadband, and some smaller companies at much higher cost PM potentially do do it, but the big players wont do it. Not cost effective for them (remember, its all about money making).
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