help with finding a tablet

    hi, im loooking to get my 8 nearly 9 year son a tablet for his birthday, he loves pokemon go and ideally we soule like him to be able to do school work on it. I am useless can anyone help with suggestions??? thanks


    What's your budget?

    you could buy him a laptop that you can also use as a tablet I seen them in Sainsbury the other day for 149.99 but it depends on your budget

    I would not recommend an iPad or Samsung tablet for school work as it would be difficult for your child to type on and then to extract the document etc. If you get him/her a laptop then finding the Pokemon game will be hard to find as i dont think you can get it on PC.

    If you want purchase a laptop from Argos for 149 i think it's the HP one for work. And then a cheap tablet for the games. In all should cost yo uaround £200.

    Ask him what they use at school. Most junior schools I've seen recently use all kind of technology so see what he's familiar with.

    I'm pretty sure all the schools in my area issue the pupils dedicated education email addresses as well to use for emailing their homework from devices but I take the point, typing on a tablet isn't ideal but Bluetooth keyboards are amazing

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    He has a basic laptop, I guess the tablet is more for gaming watching movies etc... budget was about £100

    pokemon go requires internet to function so a tablet is not going to work (unless you give it internet e.g. from your phone, a wifi dongle etc)

    what about the fire tablet or a little more expensive the lenovo tab 2... we used to have a nabi but it really was aimed at a lot younger kids.
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