Help with flight changes please

Hi all need some advice if anyone can help.

Basically I booked a ticket through STA travel from Heathrow to Auckland to LA and back home (im currently in Auckland). Now i need to move my flight back to the UK from LA a week earlier and I called up STA uk (from NZ and it cost me a bomb) and the (VERY UNHELPFUL and RUDE) guy told me that it would cost 250 pounds (cant find the pound key on this nz comp) to change the flight. Now when I booked the flight I was told it would cost around 120 max (and since I want to get home mid Sept then this is usually not a problem as the flight availability is OK then and not full) .... Now does anyone have any ideas what I can do. Should I just call up again and speak to someone else (difficult as it costs a lot and the time difference) or is there anything else I can do.

It seems once again i was misinformed by STA (about the 5th time for this ticket) and they just keep taking money from me by continually lying.

Any help will be much appreciated

btw im flying through BA from LA to UK - was told when booking that it would all be quantas but once the ticket was sent to me it said BA for the last leg ..... i dont like STA lol.

Thanks all


Contact the airlines you are flying on and ask them directly...sta are only agents anyway....

the cost of changing a ticket is generally reflective in the price you orginially pay.... you buy a cheap ticket, you pay more to change it. If you book through an agent, you generally have to change through them. Best bet is to look at the rules and terms and conditions that come with your ticket. The price change fee should be mentioned in that... and they have to honour it. If it says 150 pounds in your documentation, then that's what you're going to have to pay. If you have travel insurance, and there's a very good reason why you need to be back earlier, maybe they will cover the fee?

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Hmm I have to be back for a a cousins engagement so I'm guessing it's not a reason for insurance to cover. I will try someone at home to call sta again and see what they say. A few days ago they just said thy would only talk to the ticket holder which is a pain. I paid around £1300 for my tickets which I don't think is a very cheap price, I'm not sure. I have no documentation proving it's £150, that was just what I was told over the phone... Really A bit stuck now and don't wanna pay as much as £250 for a date change. Everyone else seems to have had better luck with lower fee changes but not really sure why mine is so high... And 3rd week of sept isn't really peak either...

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Perfect thanks for digging that up. I'll try and have a look now. Apparently sta told my brother that they need to upgrade two flights (one from Auckland to la and then la to heathrow) eventhkugh I only want one flight changed. Not really sure what they are talking about to be honest, but thanks badass, will try and find what it says on mine.

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Right Im a bit confused now. I just looked up the details on my ticket and this it what is states:

Amendments - Date changes: Before depature you can request date changes through STA travel for GBP 35. For E tickets, changes can be made after depature for USD50. For paper tickets after departure please take your tickets to the airline. Any changes that requires ticket reissue, such as a change in route, depature date from the UK, or ticket upgrade, will be subject to a minimum airline fee of GBP 90, plus any applicable fare or taxes. All changes are subject to availability and ticket restrictions.

Now from what I can make from that, I have an E ticket and therefore it should only cost about 35GBP plus maybe some small tax. I have looked on my ticket everywhere and there does not say anything about me have a restriction (and I tried email STA with my dates and they replied that my ticket does allow for minor rerouting but they dont have the dates that I want, i.e. the 3rd week of september.

Now there is something really fishy going on here right? Surely 3rd week of sept is not that busy and how they got to the value of 250-300 for a flight change i will never know. anyone have any other ideas? or maybe i have interpreted the terms and conditions wrongly?

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Yup your right sorry. WIll try and call them up and see what they say. Hopefully it will come to around that price ... touch wood.

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Yup so I called then and apparently they don't have any tickets in sept!! And the only option I have is to upgrade my ticket to get an earlier flight back and that will cost me £382!! What a joke. Anyone have any final ideas for me?
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