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Found 25th Sep 2008
I have a cheap £18 goodmans freeview box. But it picks up any channels! I have an areil outside the window hooked up to it but still nothing. I doubt it is the signels because i live in central london!

Please help, or reccommend any decent Freeviews out there?

Also, what's the difference between single and twin tuner?

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Have you run a scan on it?

Twin tuner allows you to watch one channel whilst recording another as opposed to having to watch what you record. :thumbsup:
are you sure you have the aerial hooked up to the freeview and the freeview hooked up to the tv
Even if your aerial is bad you should get some channels even if broken up a bit....Ring freeview, recently they performed an update which made almost 10% of freeview boxes useless, yours could be one of them, give them a ring and they'll send you one for free...I did a few weeks back a got a free box

That's your problem ................ I recognised it straight away .............GOODMANS.

No but , I had problems with my freeview box recently , it was a few years old and was losing channels . I could'nt get the EPG to work either . Bought a new cheap one [NOT a Goodmans ,wasn't that cheap :-) for £9.99 and it's perfect and has a seven day EPG . Look out for the models with the tick after the name Freeview. There has been some modification I believe , hence the tick .
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