Found 22nd Aug 2008

Back in the day, i was a HUGE fan of DOOM & DOOM 2.

I was just wondering, on that basis, are there any modern FPS games yuou'd recommend? I dont have an xbox, only got a wii, and a ds so i'm guessing i'd be looking for a game on my MAC really. One i could download for free would be good.


RE4 for Wii, Dementium for DS, MAC is not good for games!

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yeah i tried downloading a demo of DOOM 3 for mac and the game was too hard and playing it on the mac was too hard too!!

wish i could get doom on the DS!

I think there's a hacked version of Doom for DS?

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ooh really?

Yep, check the ]video.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory was free if I remember, thats Mac Compatible.

May be online play only can't remember.


RE4 for Wii, Dementium for DS, MAC is not good for games!

Depends what Mac OPs got

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imac Leopard OSX

Intel iMac?

In that case install windows and run whatever game you want just dual boot :thumbsup:
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