Help with Garden Shredder please!!

    Im after one for my dad - got a budget of around £150.

    Been looking into it and the more i look the more confused i get. My dilema is - one with a reverse button is upto £200 - without ranges from £100 - £150.

    Been looking at Ryobi Esr-2240 £100 and Ryobi Rsh-2455 £160. The latter has the reverse.

    Also been looking at Bosch models - Bosch Axt Rapid 2200 £130 and Bosch Axt 2000 Hp £200 which has the reverse button.

    Basically can anyone recommend a model? - and advice on whether the reverse button is needed?? How easy is it to clear blockages without etc.

    Any help hugely appreciated!


    I bought one from Wickes (Impact Shredder 2400W) for ~ £50 delivered (after 20% discount). Hasnt got a reverse button but the branch dia is 6cm which is more than adequate to shred garden waste (no trunks). Most shredders come with a plastic pole to push through the block if necessary.

    Yes get one with a reverse if you can, they get blocked often and he'd be mucking around for ages without a reverse.

    I used a green (diy range) Bosch, can't remember what model but shredded up to about 35mm quite easily.

    been looking myself but most of the stuff sold in the national hardware chains are rubbish stuff from bosch, B&D, ryobi, challenge which jam, despite some having a reverse and you cant open them up
    if you spent a little more Alko ones are supposedly good (there are a couple of other makes that are good also but cant remeber the names)....decent home use ones are about £230-260
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