HELP with getting dvds onto my computer


how do i copy dvds onto my computer

what is the best software to use



Hi you need software to do this. A good one is DVD Shrink which is free - you can find details/downloads from here…tml

Basically what you need to do is shrink the original DVD down to an acceptable size to squeeze on to a writeable disk. You can also decide at time of burning whether you want subtitles in every language, extras or just the main film. You make your own DVD to suit your own requirements. Very easy to do and once you've done one you'll wonder what all the fuss was about.

Back up your DVDs especially if you have kids like mine that trash every DVD I have!

Good luck! :-D

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ok,thats great. thanks very much

**If they are commercial dvd's you will need some type of decrypter such as anydvd and software to rip it as an .iso file like clonedvd2 both softwares by elborate bytes. Or you can simply use a decrypter and copy the video_ts and audio_ts files direct to your hard drive. Depending on what you actualy want to do with it once its on your drive makes a difference as to the best way to get it there and in what format!

**Disclaimer: Provided for informational purposes only as doing this would be illegal and we wouldnt want to break the law would we?:whistling:

Re previous, sorry. Got someone this end giving me the wrong information. You can literally 'cut and paste' it from your drive (unless it needs decrypting) onto your desktop for example and then view it with something like Nero. Don't know what Nero costs at the moment but you can do a search on it. And like Harltzer says, you can also decrypt it. Cheers. :roll:

Nero is available as a free trial and there are "workarounds" out there to "extend" the free trial (ahem so ive heard:whistling:)

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copy and pasting it straight to my desktop works fine, thanks

cheers harlzter, im downloadin a torrent for nero so lets hope it works
thanks a lot

DVDshrink is very outdated and very slow compared to others

Anydvd and clonedvd combo is what I use, anydvd rips the dvd to hard disc then clone dvd encrypts and shrinks it.

These are pay ones but can be keygen'd

Anydvd and clonedvd combo is what I use, anydvd rips the dvd to hard disc then clone dvd encrypts and shrinks it.
These are pay ones but can be keygen'd[/quote

Tried and tested they never fail to impress! A classic combination of software that because they come from the same developer work together effortlessly! With Anydvd though you need to download the latest version rather than have the auto update on which is default seting, had some nightmares having to clean the registry when thats happened!
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