Help with getting my canadian DS Lite to work in the uk...

Found 27th Apr 2007
ok i just bought a Ds lite from Canada, and so i went out and bought a DS LiteCharger from GAME, anyways it says AC 230-240V - 50hz 0.1a on the back of the charger , so im guessing if i plug it into my DS it will fry it, right?


You might be best just getting a transformer plug and using the canadian charger.

Thats what I'd do.

I am almost positive that DS's are dual voltage and will work in either country without any trouble.
Paws is correct though you could have just got a plug adaptor.

we have American ds lites and i phoned nintendo to check this out - the consoles are all the same throughout the world - it is just the chargers that vary. I had a faulty charger ( from Game) so I did panic when I couldnt get it to charge , changed the charger & worked fine, both m:roll: y children have them all ok & my sister's children too.
Hope this helps
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