Found 20th Jan 2009
Im considering buying a graphics card for my PC as I have recently bought COD5 and its unplayable due to the lag. My PC has a spare PCI slot (PCIe x 16). So ive been looking on ebay for a 512MB min graphics card however they all look massive and dont look like they will fit into my PC. My PC is a (i think) mini ATX.

Are their GFX cards out their specifically built for mini ATX? Can normal ones be changed to fit in one?

Here's a picture and review of my PC. I think this guys came with a GFX card included.…tml


I suspect you need what is known as a low-profile card. Basicallly half the height of a normal expansion card. This should be quite obvious once you open it.
I recently bought a graphics card for my low-profile pc, there isn't a lot of choice! - it does make your decision a lot easier.

XFX make a range of graphics cards that can be converted to low-profile, this is the one i purchased, it seems to be the highest spec card for low-profile....

it doesn't come as low-profile out of the box, you need to also buy an adapter kit, you unscrew the backing plate and attach a new one. ]here.

I got mine before christmas, scan were the cheapest i could find, however maplins also have it, and you get a game thrown in ]here

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Thanks for the replys and the links! I would have never of figuerd out I needed XFX.

With regards to low-profile cards, in my experience it is a question of what is available, rather then chipsets or memory. Is there a site somewhere with a list of chipsets ordered in terms of performance?
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