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    Hi folks, i've got a 12 month £10 sim only contract with o2 (300 min & ul txts) which is coming to an end at the end of this month, i foned them up to see if they would add 500mb of internet to the same deal and i would sign up for another year but they refused so i got my pac code of them and are currently looking at other operators.

    I have seen the £10 giffgaff deal (250min, ul txts + internet) but not too sure how it works, do i sign up for a year or is it monthly by direct debit, they talk about goody bags but will they change whats in the goody bag in a month or two's time??

    any help or advice will be much appreciated



    The 250 minutes changes downwards to 150 minutes on the 1st April. The 100 extra minutes is a promo offer.

    Their forums are a good place to ask if you get stuck at all.

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    cheers bud thats not so good then, thanks for posting tho
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