Help With Graphic Cards?

    Just Curious What is the difference between these 2 graphics cards?

    EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX 285 1GB DDR3


    PALIT 1GB GeForce GTX 285

    All i notice is that 1 is 'Palit' and the other is 'EVGA' yet the evga ones seem to be alot more to buy? Any reason to why that is or is it just because of the brand name?


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    Anyone Know Anything About this?

    ther same card just difrent branded no diffrence apart froms fans caseing

    evaga normaly life time warranty and option to upgrade to newer cards and just pay diffrence

    Wouldn't a GTX 470 be better?

    They're similar but the cooling system and warranty may be different and some cards will come factory overclocked.
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