Help with graphics card!

    I recently bought a ATI HD4850 and the store keeper gave me one of those molex to 6-pin adapters. However, the ones I normally see is x2molex to a single 6pin but the one I have is only one molex. Does it make a difference? cause I'm scared that my graphics card is running below it's maximum capacity.

    My PSU is 450 watt.




    Doesn't your PSU have it's own 6pin? I assume not, but you should read your instruction book that came with your ATI card to see what it says

    edit: the manual isn't much help…pdf

    Nah 4850 uses a single connector, u are fine.. nope i take it back its two..


    this Asus 4850 uses 2 molex to one 6pin connector

    The idea is to spread the 12V load across two molex's so the current on each cable doesn't exceed specifications. As far as I can recall, an 8-pin PCI-E connector draws significantly more current than a molex is specified for, but a 6-pin PCI-E is probably okay. If you have a decent branded PSU with quality cabling it should be fine - especially if you can connect the PCI-E adapter to a dedicated rail on your PSU (on some PSUs this isn't possible or there may only be one 12V rail).

    FWIW - The PCI-E slot should be able to provide 75W itself, and from looking about on the net it seems 125W is about the maximum the card itself can draw, so you are going to have about 50W coming from a single molex at peak power draw (roughly 4A on a single 12V wire).
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