Help, with GU10 energy bulbs

    I have 2 lights in my kitchen that take 6 x GU10 bulbs each
    Looking to change them to energy saving bulbs - was told LED ones are best but I don't know what ones to get 21 led 38 led etc etc ??
    My kitchen is quite big so I need the light!
    are the LED any good (bright) and what ones should I get??
    Thanks for all your help



    they are not half as bright in my experience. cant be used with a dimmer either.

    I've tried both types of low energy gu10's, LED aren't bright enough and the other type take a while to warm up

    Original Poster

    Hi, I have 12 bulbs so it really bright in there, I am looking for an energy saving or LED, but still want it to be quite bright, I hate having dull lighting
    I have enrgy saving bulbs all around my house and they are fine, just didn't know whether to go for energy ones or LED?
    was told LED don't get really hot?
    I am home all day and my kitchen lights are on all the time as my kitchen is in the middle of the house - since we have had an extension to the back, did have 2 normal lights in there but they wern't good enough
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