Help with guitar hero/rockband

    I was in game today and they are selling pre owned guitars for £14.99 (the rockband and guitar hero ones) and i was just wondering what is the best to get?

    I want to be able to play Guitar hero world tour, guitar hero 5 and the beatles rockband game, im not too bothered about the band pack as ill probably just play the guitar all the time anyway.

    So what guitar is the best to get to enable me to play all those games as i know some arent compatible with all games.

    Plus is there any current deal on that includes a good guitar and one of those games(cheap!).

    Btw i live in the north so the smyths deals are useless to me


    what format?

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    Sorry ps3, does the world tour guitar work on gth5?

    I would imagine yes, all GH guitars will work on any version of GH (console specific of course)


    Sorry ps3, does the world tour guitar work on gth5?

    My guitar hero world tour guitar (xbox 360 version) works on every guitar hero (including guitar hero 5) so it should :thumbsup:

    its like de ja vu


    its like de ja vu

    Original Poster

    Ok thanks, looks like the best bet would be to get a world tour bundle on the cheap or save up for GT5 bundle.

    How are the rockband guitars? Anygood or am i best sticking with a guitar hero guitar.

    Also is the new £85 beatles guitar so expensive because theres something good about it
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