Help with Hard Drive Partitioning needed

    Hi all!

    I have an external USB Hard Drive which is formatted to the HFS+ format and is connected to the 360 for HD Movies / Music ETC. As far as im aware the full 640GB is formatted this way, using up around 200GB so far i think.

    Question is, can i, or is there any way of creating a partition on this drive of say another 200GB which wont destroy my data. (IE i need a partition on this drive for another use, in a different file format)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ive seen a program called partition magic but its a bit vague on whether its supports the apple format or not


    To make it a tad clearer, i need to delete SOME of the HFS+ partition, to allow me to create a new one if that makes any sense


    I would like to alter the sizes of my c and d drives. ie make one bigger and the other to about 5 gb. have had a look at the above but it looks quite complicated

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    think what i will do is just try and copy everything on this drive over to my desktop, then start from scratch. Partition half the drive off as HFS+ then copy everything back over then hopefully that will leave the rest free to partition for the Wii

    im really sorry but i just expired this by accident - i knocked my cup over and it hit my hand and made me click the button just as i was scrolling down - sorry how do i unexpire it ??
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