Help with High Spec PC (Photo Editing, Windows, i7,)

    Looking to build or purchase and high spec Pc to help boost my photography. Currently have a HP laptop i5 8gb, does the job but time is money and it's just to slow!

    Looking for a decent i7, 16gb ram, ssd etc...

    Been a while since I built gaming pc's and not sure wheres the best place to look, last place i used was overclockers.

    Any help would be great!


    I would start here

    You can look at other peoples builds and you can play around with what you would like to build. It aggregates prices from many companies and also gives guidance on any compatibility issues. Have a play around on it, piece together something you like and it will give you a pretty accurate idea of what it will cost.

    Once you have decided on what you want to build, then you can start looking for deals on individual websites as it doesn't always list deals as soon as they are available.

    This deal I think is pretty cheap - add memory and ssd and it fulfills you photoshop requirements. If gaming you would want to change psu and add a decent graphics card. Highly likely to also want to change fans.…721

    Depending on what software you are using, an AMD set up might be better, if the software uses multi threading and multi cores, the AMD is faster because it divvies it up better between the cores, and they have chips WITH more cores..
    The Intels are good at raw power and speed.

    Dont forget to budget for a suitable RGB compliant and calibrated screen

    Like Breacher said pcpartpicker and then…apc for information. Pirate Windows will save you ~£100 or use a free OS.

    Personally I prefer Intel over AMD. They are more expensive, but imo better quality and future-proof.

    If you're only doing photo editing.
    Just swap the drive you have for SSD.
    Lose the CD-rom and caddy your old drive.
    8gb good enough unless using loads of masking then up that to 16gb.
    Cheaper than buying something new.

    Bare in mind you are looking for a good screen, fast SSD decent memory but the video may not have any effect at all on the performance of photo editing applications. For that reason don't be tempted to by a gaming machine. I would go for a 4th gen with a CPU without a U on the end and starting with a 4 budget £400-£500.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for your feedback! Yea the graphics card will be a miss as the ram and processor will be delivering the power, have my old gaming pc still but am sure nothing will be very usable except the large tower. I'll have a look into these sites yous recommend now!!
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