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Found 28th Oct 2007
Myself and my fiancee have gotten ourselves a new flat to rent, its nice but the surrounding areas are quite rough and there would be a possibility of being robbed etc...

The main worry is that we have a lot of valuables and the flat only really has a yale lock protecting it, its a council flat so im unsure if they allow home alarms to be installed...

What would be the best value home insurance (were both students so price would be crucial)
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If you use Quidco it would be worth going for a provider which you can get cashback via Quidco,there is loads of insurance providers.
First thing to do is fit a mortis lock to your door. If you only have a yale style lock somebody can be in in seconds. When you have your goods stolen and the police report states there was no damage and no forced entry thats when the insurance company will start getting funny with you.

Ps Take photo's of all your valuables with a referance eg that days newspaper then if things are stolen you have some evidence of these items.

Pps Make sure your policy covers you on a new for old basis.
I would suggest trying confused or money supermarket to get comparitive quotes, then go through one of the quidco providers - just make sure the quote is in line with the price comparisons.

If you are a student endsleigh specialise in student insurance so they could be worth a try.

If the surrounding area is a little rough I would make sure you have some "All Risks" or Personal Possessions cover for when you are outside the flat.

Just make sure that you check the perils which are covered - a lot of people don't have material damage cover which means if you accidentally drop something etc it wouldn't be covered - it would just cover your standard perils - fire, storm etc.
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