Help! with hotels/places to stay/Park Manchester

    Im going to the oasis gig at heaton park Sun 7th june
    I need to find a budget hotel for two nearby that i can leave my car at. i rather not take my car to heaton park as i would like to drink and enjoy myself. I i cannot give in and drive straight home after as i have to get to london and it finishes at 11pm!

    Does anyone know hotels with easy access to and from the park?

    Thanks! EM


    heaton park is about 2-3 miles from the city centre, and has a tram station nearby so you could stay in the city centre and get the tram. I think there are a few hotels near to heaton park, I think there is a travelodge bout 5 minutes away. HTH.

    Manchester has free parking on single yellows on sundays so depending on when you are coming up may be fine (smashed windows are common so make sure you leave it empty).

    alternatively if the gig is main focus have a look at heaton park on the map for towns nearby.

    Main one is Prestwich where parking is totally free everywhere, from central prestwich the park is an easy 10 min walk.

    I'm going on the Sunday!! Can't wait - looking forward to Kasabian more than Oasis at the minute though :oops: :lol:

    Oh, I live reasonably close - trains the best bet for me - plus the beer would negate the means to ferry car home anyway . . . .

    Theres a Premier Inn pretty much on Heaton park - but that will have been booked up ages ago . . .

    Im going on the Saturday...Sweeeet

    theres at least 2 travellodges/travel inns within 5 mins walking distance from heaton park, the walton, just off junction 19, M60 is decent..... attached to a decent pub rather than a brewers fayre/beefeater
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