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Found 28th Nov 2017
Hi there. I received my HP printer All in one 2600 series from black Friday deal of £19 but I can't get it to work. Can't print the code, Stuck where it says connect it to wireless network. My computer does not have Wi-Fi, it's connected via ethernet cable. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
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That’s what you get for spending £19 on a printer
On a more serious note, you connect the printer either via wireless to your router (if you have wireless) or USB cable. If the printer does not have a control panel then I believe you have to connect via USB whilst installing the software to enable the wireless feature.
Make sure the printer is switched on and walk over to your router to press and hold the WPS button on its side/back for 5 seconds. There is usually a blinking light that comes on once the WPS function is triggered.


With that done hurry back to the printer and press and hold its wireless button only for 5 seconds. If you take too long you have to start over.


Once successfully connected the wireless button on the printer will remain permanently illuminated blue.

You can now install the software on your computer and let it search for the 'networked printer'. If the HP software asks if your printer is wireless or Ethernet/plugged in you should select that it is plugged in.

HP phone support is available on 020 7660 0596 (ignore the voice prompt that tells you to go to their website first).
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My computer doesn't have WiFi either.. You don't need a wifi computer to print even though the printer isn't connected to pc.. I used the smartphone hp app to set my printer up so try that however..if you don't have a smartphone. You should connect the printer to the WiFi via the printer screen and buttons.. When connected to WiFi turn on pc and run the printer setup cd.. it should then show up in pc control panel under printers...... Like I said.. I don't have a pc with WiFi. The pc is connected to WiFi router via a cable and that links with printer via WiFi..
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Thank you very very much everybody here. it's all setup now.
Just a quick question how do I check my 3 months instant ink expiry. I believe it came with 3 months free instant ink but I don't know how to check.
Many thanks
I assume that you entered your email address during sign-up/installation?

Go here and login, it will show your current balance, free months and allow you to add a payment card.
You register to instant ink.. You create a instant ink account with your payment details ect and you get 3 months free.. There is a promotion code box so put this code in and should get another 2 months so giving you 5 free months... 2MONTHSDJUK.... I set mine to the middle plan and will drop it down to the £1.99pm just before the free trial ends... You can up it or lower the plan at any time...when you log in to instant ink it shows all the account information and when your free trial ends.. Amount of ink you have. Past payment and delivery information ect
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