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Hi All

Expecting my new toy, a HTC Hero to arrive tomorrow.

I was planning to run the firmware update downloaded direct from the HTC web site to try to clear out some of the rubbish that I imagine Orange will have installed.

Just wondering if I might be removing something that I would be better keeping.

One thing I was wondering about is "Orange Maps" which comes with my package - is this installed on the phone? Could I re-download it? or is it web based so no installation required??

Thanks for any advice.


Have done the update myself on orange, however, i did not have the Orange maps included in my package.

But as far as I am aware, Orange Maps is not available on Android at the moment. According to post ~670, Orange are working on it and should be availble soon.…tml

This is usually downloaded from the Orange site -…tml

So, in summary......go ahead and do the update, it will not matter one bit regarding Orange Maps.

Hope this has helped.

P.S. This is an awesome phone. Have had it since launch and still not bored of it!!!!!

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Magic Robin - Exactly what I needed to know - Rep added.

Had to bite the bullet for a 24 month contract to get this for a reasonable price but think it will be worth it.

Are there any apps which you would recommend?

taskiller is a must, as a lot of programs dont close when you switch to other progs so can drain the battery
ebuddy if you have facebook,msn,aol, gmail chat....really good bit of kit

A good forum to keep an eye on is…ro/
also the app thread…ns/

Enjoy the phone - you will be playing with it for weeks (or months) to come!!!!!

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Cheers for that - thanks again.
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