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    I am thinking of buying a Nixon Automatic Watch. The Watch is currently priced at £600-£650 in the UK and around $600 in the US and Australia which is a massive difference. I am thinking of going down the Import/ebay route and would like to know if i am right in thinking that i will pay Custom Duty at 3.5% and Vat at 17.5% on anything that i import. So would if i got one for $600 would i pay an extra 21% tax when it comes into this country?




    Ebay ? Are you serious OP ?

    I do hope you've done your homework !

    No offence intended.

    Original Poster

    Cool ...looking at the list i will pay 4.5% duty and 17.5% Vat in total 22% off $600 is $132 so in total about £375. So thats still loads cheaper. Just trying to find a shop that will ship it now. The feedback on ebay is 99.8% but i know what you mean by dodgy ebay sellers. I have never been conned but its just my luck to get stung on a £350 watch!!!

    Sherr I would seriously be very careful indeed, that is a lot of money to part with without actually even seeing and verifying the item.

    I'm afraid you are many times braver than me, it wouldn't even be an option to use ebay !

    Have you considered purchasing dierectly from a reputable online store ?

    I'll have a quick scout around and see if I can find any links if you like ?

    This site for instance will ship by secure means internationally.…tml

    Might be worth a look

    ps. You still will need to make sure you are 100% comfortable with any supplier , Ebay or not .

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    Cheers for the info but backcountry will not ship Nixon products outside the US due to supplier restrictions and they run both the sites mentioned above. Thanks for looking i will have a scout around!!!
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