Help with info on charging a PSP with a USB charger abroad

Found 15th Apr 2008
Would rather ask than damage my other half's PSP!

Rather than taking the great big cable with us on holiday can I buy a USB charge cable like this…693 & use it with my USB Power adapter plug similar to this…113 with a standard travel adapter to convert it to 2-pin?
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Better still for £9.99 from Maplin…5m4

And it works worldwide!

Better still for £9.99 from … Better still for £9.99 from Maplin it works worldwide!


Even better that usb … Even better that usb lead you chose. I have this combination and it works great!

When you say "even better & better still" I take it then it would work with the USB power adapter & the standard travel adapter

Will definitely look into both of those though


Mine was for a usb power adaptor. if you get that one when you get the … Mine was for a usb power adaptor. if you get that one when you get the usb lead from deal extreme you will have the complete solution for $9.24 delivered. I said I use this to charge/play my PSP+speakers when I am on my holidays (which actually start this weekend)Deal extreme also do usb chargers with more power

ok think I'm going with this but another question in relation to charging my GBMicro with the same adapter (obviously a different USB cable!) the output of the adpater is DC 5.25V/500mA on the back of my GBM it says Power Supply Input 5.2V/320mA as the adapter gives out more than the Micro needs will this harm the battery or will the adapter just deliver the 320mA the Micro needs?
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