Help with internet browser app

    Since a software update on my galaxy note 3 phone (Android 4.4.2), my internet browser app on the phone keeps crashing out with the message

    unfotunately internet has stopped.

    The internet app is version 1.5.28

    I have tried to clear data, clear cache on the app as suggested by googling but no help. Anyone know of anything else that may help?


    try restarting your note 3. If that doesn't work then try using Chrome, Firefox etc - all free from the Play store

    Also Use a Cleaner app. CCleaner is a good one - it gets rid of browser history, cookies etc.

    If that doesn't work then factory reset.


    If its the generic android browser then try Opera browser, I had issues on my old mobile and my tablet with the generic one, I found Opera much easier to use and quicker.
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