Help with Internet Plugs and a Switch question

Found 10th Jan 2011
Will this work.

I have on order some plugs
Devolo dLAN 200 Avsmart and Starter Kit (Pass-Thru, Filter + LCD) (2x Plugs)

Which allows me to get internet in my house. They work fine I tried a friends. now. if i was to connect 1 to my adsl router and 1 to my laptop I get fast internet. now if I was to put a Netgear FS105 Prosafe 5 Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Switch would i then allow me to plug in a ps3,xbox and other stuff to make more use of it?
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Technically, yes. There is a lot than go wrong though. Eg, the actual items you are using, like PS3 etc will but out loads of interference, which won't help. Also if you are using more than one thing at a time on your switch, you are likely to get bandwidth issues o er your plug link. So yes, but probably not working great! You would be better off using wireless if it's an option.
well it was a idea. i may just use loads of network cable from router room to tv room or maybe better to move adsl router.

what if i did the same as before but not use plugs just a cable from rotuer room to tv room?
Yep. Just plug an Ethernet cable from the modem in to the switch, then plug everything else in to that. It'll be much quicker - and more - reliable than wifi.
You are right, running a cat5e cable from room to room is your best solution. As James says it will be very fast and reliable.
That's basically the setup I use (can't run cable in the house) which works fine, the router is connected to a homeplug then a network switch (PS3, Xbox 260, desktop PC etc. connected) in another room connects to another homeplug.

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