Help with internet router question please.

    I currently have one router for my TalkTalk dsl broadband.

    If i connected another one up via another socket, would it affect my initial boradband speed.

    thanks rep for contributors


    not really, is it going to be a wireless connection? i have a fixed connetion and a wireless and they don't seem any slower.

    Possibly, I did a similar thing and it was fairly slower.

    I don't think doing that will dramatically reduce speed but if you download a lot then you could notice a drop in speed.

    No unless that router is sharing the connection to somewhere else, then it will obviously affect your internet speed from the first router.
    Remember to put a filter in.

    I think if you hook another router up it will break your house.

    Original Poster

    the point was to get two full speed interent routers, rather than two slow connections from the one router.

    if you get what i mean

    it won't actually work, you can only have one active dsl connection on a line

    They'll knock each other out of synch and all you will have is problems.
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