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Found 24th Nov 2017
Hi my daughter would like an iPad for Xmas just wondering what the difference is between the iPad Air and the iPad 5th gen

I’ve tried google but can’t really find any answers
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I think iPad Air is same as 5th Gen. Go for the Air 2 (6th Gen) or the Pro.

Look here.
The iPad Air is indeed the 5th Gen released in Oct 2013. Bear in mind that even the iPad Air 2 (6th gen) hasn't had any hardware upgrade since its release in 2014, although it's still a good tablet. I still use the iPad Air 2 every day (I work for an Android/iOS development company) and I haven't yet made the jump to the Pro or the iPad released this year.

When the Air 2 (6th Gen) was released, it did have a significant upgrade over the Air (5th Gen), there was double the amount of RAM memory, better processor, better graphics, better camera. We noticed a difference in the two models we had in the office.

There is now a 7th gen iPad, released this year. Upgrades were made to the processor, memory speed, graphics processor and the storage is now 32GB minimum, instead of the 16GB base storage on earlier models.

It all depends on what your budget is really - if you can afford it, the latest iPad (32GB WIFI only) is £339 direct from Apple, with a £40 gift card if purchased today. Argos also have the same tablet on sale for £299.

Buying direct from Apple will offer by far the best protection in terms of consumer rights - I had a microphone fail on an iPad 2 bought in a US Apple store. Even though I bought it in the US, I took it into an Apple UK store to get an estimate of repair costs and they just replaced the entire unit with a brand new one (free of charge) rather than even attempting a repair.

I've just done a quick search on eBay and I see that even a refurbished (wiped over with a cleaning pad) Air 2 32GB model appears to be selling for around the same price as the new model, which is crazy. If your budget is close to £300, I would buy new with a warranty...

iPad Air vs iPad Air 2: macworld.co.uk/rev…35/
iPad Air 2 vs new 2017 iPad: macworld.co.uk/rev…41/
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