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    Please no Apple Haters.

    Basically Ive taken loads of pictures on my iphone whilst in mexico. Mid holiday it randomly displayed the "Please restore using Itunes" display. So i just thought some software has gone wrong. However when we landed in manchester it must have got signal (02) and it started bleeping in my pocket as soon as i got off the plane with all new messages. When we arrived home we discovered problems with the car and I totally forgot to back my phone up. Now its suddely displaying the same display and when plugged into itunes its saying it needs restoring...

    Anyone kno how to get the pics onto my mac mini before i lose them?


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    If you had a normal phone you could put the memory card in your PC.

    I Don't like being "Normal"

    you may be able to kick it out of recovery mode using tinyumbrella

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    you may be able to kick it out of recovery mode using tinyumbrella

    Please explain? Sounds interesting

    its just software (used primarily during jailbreaking) and has the ability to kick them out of recovery mode.
    you can also try this but its hit&miss…Taw
    more info here

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    Plug it into iTunes & leave it for half an hour, sometimes sorts it out without needing a restore

    Connect to pc then go to my computer and it should show up as a pc camera double click the icon and the picture files should show up!

    put it in a bag of rice, has to be basmati ive been told
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