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Found 14th Jan 2010
Hi there, recieved an iphone today from my mate, and i have no sim to put in it to check firmware but i want to put my orange con sim into it. It is currently on o2 and does anyone know how to find out the version number without a sim card inserted and then to unlock and jailbreak?
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Why not get your mate to call o2 and ask them for the unlocking code?

iphones do not get unlocked by a code. If its a contract he can request for it to be unlocked. Or if it was on payg i think theres a £15 charge.

The last resort is unlocking it with blackra1n.

As it is a new 3GS and bound to be running firmware 3.1.2 ,Download "Blackra1n" here:, connect iPhone (make sure NO sim is installed) press "make it ra1n" and it will jailbraek, activate and unlock your phone.

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It is not a 3gs and he was on pay as you go

Its a 3g 8gb

O2 told a while ago we could get our iphones unlocked due to the exclusivity ending by sending them a text so have a look on the 02 website for more info

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Just done it as advised on here and success! Now gotta change my blackbeeryy internet to normal and happy days

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Thanks for the help will rep all who helped
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