Help with Ipod

    Is it possible to attach my friend's ipod to my laptop and transfer some songs onto it without syncing it and erasing the content that is already on it? [she has the latest generation ipod nano]

    If I do sync it will it definitley erase the content on it? will it also mean that when she attaches it onto her computer she will have to sync it again to ensure it is compatible?

    Any ideas how to get around this problem?


    3rd party software will do it.

    type ipodcopy into google for more info

    i have used ipodcopy years ago and it worked well.

    If there are songs on her ipod which are not on your iTunes then it will erase those songs from her ipod.
    you can turn the automatic sync off in the options.
    Im pretty sure there is away round it, i have heard about ipodcopy, so you could try that.
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