help with ipod

    i found an ipod at work 6 months ago, no one has claimed it so i have been given it.
    i've connected it to itunes but can't manage any of the contents or add anything to it.
    does anyone know how to get around this?
    it's an 8gb ipod nano.



    may be worth doing a hard reset.

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    may be worth doing a hard reset.

    does that mean i would lose all the content (there is a lot of stuff on it)?

    Because it is someone else's and has been synced with another PC you would have to format it and then sync it with yours. This does eman you would loose all the data on it as it was not done by your PC.

    Hope this helps you

    There are utilities to download the music from an iPod whilst keeping artist - track - album information. Look for iPod utilities in Google.

    id use ipod access to take songs from ipod-then can reset and add songs back plus anything else u want on...

    I use my ipod on multiple PC's as all I needed to do was turn off the auto sync/auto manage music feature within Itunes. Really annoying if you forget as it wipes over the ipod with the current PC's library otherwise.

    As far as i'm aware Itunes should automatically detect the Ipod when it is plugged in and show it as a labled device at the side. As I have manual control as I said earlier I just grab the folder of an Album and drop it onto the ipod's name within itunes (at the sidebar) and it does the rest (slightly different for CD's).


    I would just do a Restore on it, don't steal their music, ultimately all … I would just do a Restore on it, don't steal their music, ultimately all iTunes music even if its iTunes plus copy protection free has the buyers email address embeded in it and they could get in big trouble for it. Just use your own music.

    It's not stealing. Technically its his (as well as the content) since he did the right thing and hand it in.
    However, you have a fair point when it comes personal information on it - you may as well do a restore to start afresh! :thumbsup:

    Plug it into the PC and you can browse through the iPod. It might not be in an organised structure, or have useful filenames but you can navigate it and access the data. Copy it off if you want to then do a hard restore.

    Bobs your uncle.

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    someone at work has looked at it, clicked a couple of buttons and wiped everything. ah well at least i can put my own stuff on.
    thanks for everyones suggestions.
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