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Found 23rd May 2005
Hi, hope I am in the right place as I am new here. My daughter is wanting a mini ipod for her birthday and I don't understand all the different ones. Which would be the best one to get and where would I get the best deal?? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. :roll:
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What features are you looking for? Do you have a price range?

Basically there are four different models:

(1) iPod Shuffle: very small 512mb or 1GB flash based device, no screen, size of a pack of gum. Not a "true" iPod. About £60-100.

(2) iPod Mini: smaller than regular iPods, comes in 4GB or 6GB sizes. Comes in various colours, very popular for casual users. About £130-£160.

(3) iPod. This is the typical iPod. Comes in 20GB, costs about £210.

(4) iPod Photo. Looks the same as typical iPod but has a colour screen and can sync with your photo software on your computer and you can view photos in the screen. Come in 30GB and 60GB costs about £250-310. Not really worth it unless you want to carry around photos.

You know what I just re-read your original post and see that you specified iPod mini...doh The only difference between those is that they have different colours available and they come in either 4GB or 6GB. Also keep an eye out as they have recently been updated so there are old series 4GB models being sold and often the merchant doesn't specify which is on sale. The new models of the 4GB are basically the same but the battery life will last 10 hours longer than the old models.
Thanks for your help, sorry to be a pain but if I get a 4gb one how will I know if it is an updated one or not? Also is there not an updated 6Gb one? My daughter is only 11 so I think either of these will be all she needs. Where would be the best place to get a good deal??
Does it matter which colour? I've found a blue one for £117.49p or green one £110.44p or silver £122.19p all delivered next business day with power supply but no dock.

I don't know if they're brand new, but it doesn't say otherwise. Looks a very reputable company also.
Do they usually come with a dock or do you buy them seperately? I would also like a new one.
The iPod mini doesn't come with a dock ever. Maybe you can buy one as a separate accessory but it's really not necessary as you get a connection cable with the mini that will synch and charge at the same time.
Thanks everyone for you help, I am not very 'up' on technology so it is nice to come here for help. Thanks again.
Just a little more extra info you might like to know... :wink:

As it happens, they do come with 2 cables to assist connection, a Firewire cable as well as a USB cable, choose whichever...

they can be charged via the cable or via the supplied charger...

iPod Mini Software updates are supplied via the apple site on a regular basis... easy to do to...

iTune software is supplied making it extremely easy to upload any music to the ipod beit from the net or from any of your own cd's... again any software updates are available on the apple site...

They can also be used as a removeable storage device for transporting software, letters, data etc at the same time too... which is a very handy additional option...

A 4gb version will take from 1000 to around 1200 mp3's/mp4's... far more than the average persons needs...

Docks are available as an extra... but I don't think you would feel you have the need for one at all...

They are a brilliant piece of hardware all round...

Very highly recommended choice... :wink:
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